Day 23 Pre-class: Project Draft Presentation Preparation#

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Goals for this pre-class assignment#

  • Spend time working on your semester project Jupyter notebook and generate a project draft that you can talk through with your group.

  • Prepare a short (1-3 slide) presentation explaining the state of your project for your group members. Note this is not exactly the same as your slides for your project presentation, but as seen below, some of these will make sense to eventually overlap.

Assignment instructions#

The submitted work for this pre-class assignment itself is minimal. However, you should spend at enough time working on your semester project to have a meaningful first draft.

Prior to class, you should submit your 1-3 slides for your project draft presentation to the appropriate “Pre-class assignments” submission folder. Submission instructions can be found at the end of the notebook.

Instructions for Slides#

For this assignment, you need to create 1-3 slides to present the current state of your project to your group members. Those slides should contain the following:

  • Your research question

  • A summary of what you have done so far (data cleaning, analysis, model coded, etc.)

  • At least one challenge you have faced

  • A plan for completing your project by the deadline, including critical tasks you need to complete or obstacles you need to overcome.

If you are using google slides or a similar online platform, you should export the slides as a pdf to upload to D2L.

Assignment wrap-up#

Please fill out the form that appears when you run the code below. You must completely fill this out in order to receive credit for the assignment!

from IPython.display import HTML

Congratulations, you’re done!#

Submit this assignment by uploading your slides to the course D2L web page. Go to the “Pre-class assignments” folder, find the appropriate submission link, and upload them there.

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